OCF-5.0: Finance and Investment

Differences between the "Finance and Investment" business simulator and the "Oligarch Cash Flow" game of all previous versions (2016-2020)

Differences between the «Finance and Investment» business simulator and the «Oligarch Cash Flow» game of all previous versions (2016-2020)

OCF-5.0: Finance and Investment.

    • The name of the 5.0 version of the «Oligarch Cash Flow» game simulator is “Finance and Investment”. The new brand is prominently featured on all printed materials.
    • New Internet address, short for «About the financial game» and a play on words: www.fingame.info
  • The game will be released in three variants:
        1. Basic set — “Finance and Investment” board game in a box.
        2. Online license for the software “Finance and Investment” for a period of one year. Includes: electronic game board with master and players rooms + card issuing mechanism + online report template.
        3. «Finance and Investment for children» board game .
  • Convenient laminated high-quality box «lid-bottom»
    • On the box added tracks for playing in large groups or online
    • The box contains quotes from 4 experts — the best specialists in their field:
      • Alexander Gerchik, professional trader with over 22 years of trading experience. Day trading expert, the safest trader according to Mojo Wall Street Warriors: «This game is an excellent simulator of the life of not only a businessman, but also a trader. With its help, you will learn how to make important and correct decisions in various situations in order to minimize the risks of losses in real life».
      • Yakov Novikov, serial entrepreneur, founder of «Modulbank»: «A great game for those who have long wanted to become an entrepreneur or investor. You will be able to learn one of the most important skills — money management. How to become an entrepreneur from an employee, and from an entrepreneur to an investor? What risks can critically affect your finances? The game will help answer these questions».
      • Svetlana Sageza, expert in the field of transformational games, President of the International Association of Game Practitioners: «You should play at least five times! To build your strategy for today, and then play some more to correct the course. Why several times? Yes, because the brain is simply not able to accommodate so much new information at once! Yes, and psychological resistance interferes, emotions go off scale. I didn’t expect myself to be jumping around the office and running up to the game master when she reads the market news».
      • Sergey Evstifeev, the founder of the largest MLM community of gaming practitioners in the Russian Federation: «The first time I played this financial simulator was back in 2016. Even then, I appreciated the potential of the game and immediately, without hesitation, ordered a wholesale batch. The simulator demonstrates your own reality in the field of money, helps you find the best strategy in the field of personal finance. I regularly play the simulator, and many of my current investments, as well as the development strategies of the MLM structure, have been tested on it. Now there are more than 1,000 partners in my network and grandiose plans for its expansion. Only forward to financial heights!»
    • Convenient foam insert for stacks of cards inside the box.
    • Thick cardboard laminated field with a new design. Changed the color of the cells to the corresponding color of the decks of cards.
  • 680 thick rounded cards in 24 decks.
  • Brand new graphics on card backs. Card design changed. Turnovers are now made mainly in pastel colors, and shirts are as contrasting as possible with gold patterns.

    • Changed and finalized the design of the player’s sheets in both the printed and electronic versions of the game.
    • Branded pens for the Host of the game
    • Quality set of dice and chips
    • Added capital preservation tools (gold, cryptocurrencies, offshore, etc.)
    • Implemented a full-fledged working mechanism of network marketing (MLM)
    • Added TWO new victory options — fulfilling your own dream (added a new stack of cards — «Dream, Goal, Mission») and victory by indicators (KPI)
    • Expanded the possibility of the first and second levels. Now the player has even more choice — 4 stacks of possibilities for each level, eight in total
    • At the first level, a separate “DEVELOPMENT” stack with trainings and tutorials has been added, which allows you not only to build a career, but also develop and scale existing businesses (!) at any level of the game
    • Some types of training give access to additional features
    • Existing business can now scale overseas and build new branches
    • The possibilities of the «Investor» level (previously — «The Path of the Oligarch») have been expanded. Cells now have execution invariance, allowing the player to win the game faster. On the fields «Culture» and «Politics» you can take cards from other piles, «Finance» plays the role of a BANK, not only state, but also offshore.
    • A mandatory condition for switching to the “Investor” level has been added — hiring a Personal Secretary for $5,000 per month. Without this, it became impossible to get to the fourth level of the game. The personal secretary removes all questions of private life. He can be hired at any level.
    • The use of the FlixaCoin cryptocurrency has been expanded — from trading tokens to opening a cryptocurrency exchange and mining coins to post-opening speculation.
    • All odd job deals are scalable and have an impact on both career and business!! Now «Odd Earnings» are possible and justified at any level of games and for any rank of players
    • Two new ranks have been added to the rules — VII “Heads of Funds and Corporations” and VIII “Aristocrats”
    • The influence of player roles on deals in the game has been strengthened and developed. Now the profession is important.
    • FIVE types of banks are now available in the game:
        1. State National Bank (loan at 120% per annum, deposit at 12% per annum)
        2. Foreign bank within the country (loan at 60% per annum)
        3. Swiss bank (deposit from $500,000 at -3% per annum)
        4. Bank in the Cayman Islands (hard offshore, interest-free deposit, transactions -10%)
        5. Players’ own banks.
    • Matching indexes have been added to all cards. For example, SiB is a share in a business, FR is a franchise, etc., which makes it easier to account for assets.
  • At the fourth level of the game, three new cells have been added: “Real estate agency”, “Dreams & goals”, “Stock Exchange”:
      1. Stock Exchange cell allows you to buy / sell any stocks that are currently listed on the exchange at a market price.
      2. Dreams & goals (10 cards) cell allows you to fulfill your dream if the opportunity arises and win. Dream cards have a white laminated side — a glossy laminate. Half is occupied by a standard dream-sample, on the second half you can write down your dream of no less value.
      3. At a real estate agency, you can try to independently sell any property owned by the player.
    • All NEWS in the game are divided by levels (importance and time of messages) and by the interests of the players (separation into news of the stock market and other markets) into 5 decks:
        1. “News” is an analogue of conventional on-air TV. Reports on the situation in the country and the world, without specifying the details. Available from the first level of the game.
        2. «Terminal» — an analogue of access to the personal trading platform of a stock market participant, reflects only current information on stock and securities prices. Available from the first level of the game.
        3. “Messages” is an analogue of subscription publications from business information agencies, when important information about trends and economic news comes to an entrepreneur by subscribing to mail or e-mail. Available from the second level of the game.
        4. “Signals” — an analogue of access to the mailing lists of stock reports and hot news directly from the stock market broker, reflects only the most relevant information on stock and securities prices, sometimes contains more detailed information. Available from the second level of the game.
        5. “Information” is an analogue of rumors and confidential information of the upper strata of society and the elite, available only among members of professional business communities and closed business clubs. Available only from the third level of the game.
    • The game has the ability to open pension and insurance programs
    • The stock market is now divided into 2 levels and three different stacks: «Stocks». “Exchange” and “Investments”. More dangerous and risky assets are moved to the second level of the game.
    • Short bets added to cards. Added Margins and Stop Losses to Exchange Opportunities
    • Added crowdfunding options (book, game, invention)
    • Expanded explanation of some features in the Rules of the Game (e.g. options)
    • The “Entrepreneur” deck now contains more small businesses
    • Expanded custom accounting sheet in the online version
  • Added new instructions for connecting to the online version