Who is this business simulator created for?

Konstantin Vladimirov

Who is this business simulator created for?

1) IT people, programmers, developers. In the game, you can develop an application, assemble a team to promote it, develop a company and sell your startup at an IPO. Think about it: every programmer can write a project, but only a few can sell it to the right person. And this takes time! And what to do while you are in search? The game will show.

2) Ordinary people, non-economists, employees of the public sector, representatives of working specialties and the agro-industrial sector — everyone whom we call ordinary investors will be able to overcome the rejection and fear of investing in financial instruments, the humanities will be able to visually see how investment strategies work and, without wasting energy on studying a mountain of literature, understand what the stock and over-the-counter markets are.

3) Private investors, entrepreneurs, top managers and officials. People who have money today and do not think about the future can see and understand how important it is to make a personal financial plan, have an airbag and a strategy for achieving financial freedom and independence. They can see how important it is to plan financially in order to avoid financial losses in the real estate and business markets so familiar to many entrepreneurs and business owners today. Many big businessmen after the game say: «Ah! if I could learn all this sooner with this board game!»

4) Intellectuals, eggheads, representatives of creative and abstract professions. In this game, you will receive an affordable translation from economic into human language and will be able to touch the world of money without financial loss. This is a great intellectual and elitist way to spend time in the company of interesting and ambitious, mobile and modern people, get enough of the energy of success and advance in understanding your own attitude to money, luxury and wealth.

5) Team leaders, group leaders, inspirers and muses, motivational speakers will find in the game an excellent tool for working with human ambitions and motivation, which can transform a person’s dream of luxury and wealth from an ephemeral blurry «dream» into a real financial goal for the next 3-5 years and show possible ways to achieve it.

6) Newlyweds, lovers, young families. For people who are going to form a family union, get married, future brides and grooms, this game is a great way to test future partners in order to know how they will behave in a situation of lack of money and bankruptcy, or vice versa, how they will change if you start earning big money. You can learn to avoid problems in the formation of the family budget and in the conduct of joint business.

7) Startupers, project authors, everyone who dreams of starting a business with friends in the garage that will change the world must first play in order to understand what investors want, what benefits they are looking for, and what risks they are willing to take. Look at investing from a different angle. You can also see clearly what «Nothing Personal» means in business and test your friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and future partners.

8) Salespeople, sales managers, customer service specialists. You can try yourself as a realtor and real estate seller, insurance agent, business broker, consultant, salesman and leader of a network marketing company. You will be able to evaluate for yourself what is the benefit of these people and understand how to actually work with them in real life. Making many transactions in a short time in the game, you will significantly increase your sales and negotiation skills.

9) Game hosts, masters, coaches, facilitators, tutors, moderators and business coaches, psychologists and Gestalt therapists will receive a unique and useful training tool that allows you to change a person’s attitudes in just two hours and show how the psychology of a person gaining access is changing power and money. After the game you will be able to work with a huge number of your own insights, and after playing it for your clients — with their own introjects, requests, problems.

10) CFOs, bankers working with VIP clients, investment fund managers, personal finance consultants can practice their investment risk calculation skills, set goals for their team and try to achieve them. This is, first of all, the development of the skill of goal-setting and team building. For example, your fund has 10 million dollars, and your task is to make 200 million dollars out of them in 5 gaming years, providing the client with 20% per annum on invested funds. Secondly, this is the skill of working with the persuasion of potential customers: in the game you will have to convince people with money to carry out deals that are profitable for you.

11) For HR managers, personnel development specialists, event managers of corporations and large companies, this game will be a real gift for the formation of a high-quality stress relief system and active acquaintance with each other at strategic sessions, corporate training and field events, and internal training.

12) Geeks, gamers, «counters», real boarders and fans of quizzes and quests may also be interested in playing this game. After all, if you are a Real Geek, then you can try to calculate this game and replay it! If you succeed, then you are a True Genius. And if not, and the game beats you, then you are not just a Loser. Not! Everything is worse. You just need to urgently take up self-learning in personal finance management, otherwise the crisis will catch up with you sooner or later (if it hasn’t already, ha-ha).

13) Speakers who often speak from the stage, negotiators and all those who need to be able to control their voice and speak a lot and beautifully, clearly formulate thoughts and communicate information quickly and connectedly. By reading cards and situations, communicating with the players, you can develop both public speaking and conversational skills..