The game is played with 3 (three) types of cards:

  • sports cards have a rank of 2 to 8 (for up to 4 players) or 2 to 9 (for 5 and 6 players). The rank means how many cards of this rank (Lesik sports cards) are in the game;
  • action cards of two types, "-" and "+" (for the game up to 4 people 3 cards of each type of action are used, for more than 4 players 4 cards are used);
  • "COACH" card, which can be used simultaneously with the Lesik card of any sport to double the rank of the card


The starting deck is shuffled and each player is dealt 5 cards. Then the discard pile is formed by laying out an upcard ("discard pile marker") at the centre of the table, and the draw pile (the remaining part of the deck) is laid face down next to it.


Each player in his turn chooses one of 5 (five) possible actions:

- to put down a Lesik card face up, provided that other players have not put down a card of the same rank. NB! This card may not be removed from the table. Once put down it can only be either "reinforced" or passed to another player;

- to pass over to oneself a card already put out by another player, provided that one discards the same number of cards of the same rank as that player has laid out plus one more;

- to "reinforce" a card already put out by playing the same number of cards of the same rank as already laid out plus one more, then one Lesik card is placed on top of the card already put out and thus "reinforces" it, increasing the number of the cards put out, while the other cards used for "reinforcing" are discarded;

- to play an action card (by putting it on top of the discard pile), choosing one of the three options that each action card has

"+" ("SPONSOR"): draw two cards from the draw pile / draw the top card from the discard pile / demand to take a random card from any player;

"-" ("DOPING CONTROL"): "destroy" (withdraw from the game) the top card with a numerical value from the discard pile (thus there is one card of such rank fewer in the game) / discard any card from one's hand / demand to discard a random card from the hand of any other player. If unwilling to give away or discard a random card from their hand, the other player can "defend" against such "demands" by discarding two cards of their choice (thus in their turn they will play with two cards fewer in the hand).

- to discard any random card. NB! SKIPPING A TURN IS AGAINST THE RULES!

After their turn a player can DRAW CARDS from the drawing pile up to a hand of five provided they have fewer than five cards left in hand. Once the drawing pile runs out, the top card in the discard pile becomes the "discard pile marker" and the remaining cards are shuffled and become the new draw pile.

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