Classic Flixa

«FLIXA» is compact game and does not require the use of the playing field or chips. It can be played not only at home or in the office, but also in the open air, in transport while traveling, at the events, in a cafe. To play the game, each of the players only need to be able to read, write and count.

The main goal of the game is to multiply your start-up capital and earn more than other players in five game years by trading in the stock exchange, building a business or working in the real estate market.

The game includes 4 types of unprofitable «penny» shares - B1, B2, B3, B4 and EU bonds, yielding a small income. The real estate market is represented by six types of assets from land to shopping centers. The prices for these assets are constantly changing in the game as the game cards are opened on the table, which makes it possible to earn not only on a rental payment, but also on the market price spread. There is an opportunity to create and develop your business from one stand to the whole network and sell it to an angel investor in the game.
The game lasts from 3 to 10 game years. One game year is one deal of game cards on a table. After the cards are opened, the year ends. At the end of the year, the players calculate the profit from assets and increase capital. The winner is the one who formed the maximal capital.


You can not do any harm to other players in the game


You need only cards, paper and pen for the game


From 30 minutes to 2 hours


From 2 to 10 people with one deck of cards


Risk Management and Asset Diversification


Negotiations, sales, mediation and partnership


It can be explained quickly and easily even to a group of 60 people


Stock market, business or real estate

About Classic Flixa

The game is designed for a group of 2 to 10 people. The duration of the game depends on the number of players, their communication with each other and the starting conditions determined at the beginning of the game. For 4-6 players under standard conditions, the game lasts 1,5-2 hours if you spend no more than 5 minutes on the turn.

Game objective
To create, in five «game years», the greatest capital in assets and money on the account. One dealing of cards is considered to be one game year. One conventional unit of game currency is accepted as money, call it as you like. Assets – are stocks, garages, rooms, offices, cottages, apartments, shopping centers and businesses (see item «Assets» of the Game Rules).

Beginning of the game
Before the start of the game, all participants are issued a start-up capital in accordance with the chosen difficulty mode of the game. This is the money that players have accumulated over the previous year economizing their wages, as a financially literate person should do. The players will invest this money in various assets in order to increase capital. The player puts down the issued amount in the form field «Money». The same amount is subsequently issued to players before the beginning of each following game year.

Difficulty modes

  • Basic: start-up capital 2,000, annual accruals 2,000. Playing time is 3-5 years. Three cards are dealt to each player.
  • Standard: start-up capital 1,000, annual charges 1,000. Playing time is 5 years. Three cards are dealt to each player.
  • Difficult: start-up capital 500, annual charges 500. Playing time is 5 years. Four cards are dealt to each player.
  • Profi: start-up capital 10,000, no accruals. Playing time is 10 years. Five cards are dealt to each player.
  • Ultimate: start-up capital of 1,000, there are no accruals. Time of the game is 10 years. Five cards are dealt to each player.
  • Advanced: an addition for any standard difficulty mode, allowing you to take into account the changes in revenue from assets, depending on the difficulty. This game mode is recommended only for experienced players! See its description in the end of the Rules.

What is in the box?

Basic «Flixa Classic» game box includes:

  • Game rules - 1 pcs
  • Box- 1 pcs
  • Forms - 30 pcs
  • Dice - 2 pcs
  • Pen- 1 pcs
  • Game cards - 55 pcs

Add-ons include: 

  • «The Crisis Has Come!»: game cards - 25 pcs
  • «Let’s do business!»: game cards - 20 pcs.


Third edition of «Flixa Classic» game  includes both add-ons.

What is the use of the Flixa game?

  • You can spend your time with benefit and pleasure.
  • The game demonstrates the basic functioning principles of the rental, real estate, and stock market.
  • It will teach you about basic business skills and earning income.
  • You will train your negotiation skills and find mutually beneficial solutions with your game partners.
  • It allows you to study loans and deposits, insurance principles.
  • Promotes the development of economic horizons.
  • The game will make you remember mental arithmetic.
  • Our game will show you how to properly manage your finances, save, invest and secure your capital in a crisis situation. This game will help you understand the power and necessity of savings, capital preservation tools, as well as develop the skills of oral counting.

The history of the Flixa game goes back over a decade. Somewhere in 2010, the idea came up to make an economic TV show in the style of «Jeopardy!» (in Russia — «Your Game»). Asset prices (stocks, real estate, bonds) had to change on the opening screens. The players had a minimum initial capital and had to increase it during the TV show.

According to the plot of the game, the players opened screens and saw profitable offers - to buy stocks, businesses, real estate. They have to play in triplets, and the richest reached the final at the end of the round. The TV producer did a lot for the future game. Each time she «killed» the scenario plan and asked to make the game easier and more accessible. As a result, the game never made it onto television, but an idea came up of how to put the TV script on paper cards.
After the refusal of the TV producers, the game was reworked and tested for two years. The first paper version of the game, tentatively titled «Igrika», appeared at the end of 2011.

After many tests, the first print version was created.

The game also needed a new sonorous name. During the naming process, more than 100 original names were created; only ten made it to the final of the open vote. The people chose Flixa over options like: Cardchan, Flixcard, Caraga, Cardix, Zikar, Chaka, Xcard and etc.

Flixa is a shorthand for two words: flip and exchange which describes the gameplay.

Since the first Flixa game hit the market there have been several editions translated into six languages (Russian, Belarusian, Lithuanian, Latvian, English, German), two official add-ons and a dozen branded versions have been released for various companies and corporations.

You are reading about the freshest, revised, improved and expanded third official edition of the Flixa game on this page!


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Andrew Kovzel Minsk. Belarus

... First of all, I like the idea of the game itself. Prior to this, the phrase "economic game" I clearly associated with Monopoly and the like, which I do not like. Flixa is another matter entirely! You are doing a good job and I have a great opportunity to teach my son some market fundamentals. In the game, most of the time is spent keeping track of money, assets, prices. The essence of the game is not about accounting, but about making deliberate decisions. ... I just love what you do and I want to help you develop ...

Boris Mosunov Minsk. Belarus
... Friends, I can’t be silent! Quite unexpectedly, at a weekend picnic, I was hooked on Flixa. Despite the fact that I deliberately ignored all the events related to the premiere ... For a long time I haven’t had such an interesting rest with the company. On the one hand, everything is simple, on the other hand, the brain is always busy with pleasant - counting money. At the same time, an unconscious habit of analyzing the market and expecting investment opportunities is formed. The only mistake in my opinion is the absence of cards that put businesses at risk, it turns out that business is the only win-win and absolutely reliable investment. And the rest - bravo Igrika! It's also nice at the end to calculate how the initial 2000 turned into 76,700 in five years. In short, thanks to all everyone who made this game 🙂
Lena Drozdova Minsk. Belarus
OMG, I already see a promo video for flix: people gnawed to the bone by mosquitoes play flix, people leave people like a school of wives - and they continue to play flix, governments and races change - people play flix, the earth is inhabited by mutants - people play into flix, Armageddon came - and people continued to play flix. And the slogan: Delays, in short 🙂 Coolest game! 🙂 Respect to the creators!
Elena Alekseeva Ulan-Ude, Russia

... I liked it very much, a lot of positive emotions! An exciting game)) develops the ability to foresee, touches upon issues of insurance, investment, trading on the stock exchange, small business, lending and deposits. It was interesting to me))

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4 000+

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