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The "Finance and Investment" business simulator  is a board economic game with a field and cards. Players take turns making their moves, allocating personal finances and choosing different opportunities for investing free money, the fifth augmented and expanded version of the Oligarch Cash Flow game.


The main goal of the game is to achieve complete dominance in one of the spheres of the life of the state in five game hours: politics, culture, force, economy or influence.

There are dozens of different opportunities for developing your own business from the level of a tent to the creation of holdings and transnational corporations in the "Finance and Investment" business simulator. If you want to spin in the rat race for a long time and stray in search of money "until payday" - then this game is not for you.

  • Here is the race for achievements!
  • There are constant negotiations and big deals here.
  • Here is an opportunity to feel like the Wolf of Wall Street.
  • Here is the excitement of investments: ups and downs, risks.
  • Here - the possibility of influencing the economic and political situation.
  • This is a game for those who want to become a big businessman and turn over millions.

You will have access to:

  • currency and stock market: more than 8 types of securities from penny stocks to blue chips;
  • derivatives market and margin trading;
  • opportunity to conduct an IPO;
  • start-ups and venture investment, risky ventures;
  • power influence and diplomatic struggle;
  • a wide real estate market, more than 40 objects in different price ranges;
  • opportunity for career growth;
  • MLM and the opportunity to generate independent sources of income through freelancing;
  • other securities: vouchers, bonds, eurobonds;
  • ...and many many others!

The plot of the game: the participants of the game go 30 years back in time during the collapse of the Great Empire. Under the terms of the game, the Big State broke up into a much larger number of smaller republics. In one of them, the players begin their journey — they have a chance to repeat the path of the oligarchs and create their own business empire from scratch.

There are four levels in the game — "Employee", "Entrepreneurship", "Business" and "Investor". Each level will have its difficulties and pleasant moments, achievements and losses. We suggest you not to linger at the first level and reach the level of the "Investor" in 5 hours!

To move to each higher level, the participant of the game needs to fulfill certain conditions, which become more difficult with each level. To win, the player needs to collect a certain amount of resources. To do this, he needs to choose a specific strategy, develop a plan to achieve victory, set goals for himself and clearly adhere to the plan to move towards their achievement. By making turns in the game, participants receive input, according to which they manage their income and expenses, and can also carry out real estate and asset purchase and sale transactions, trade on the currency and stock exchange, and also invest their own funds in various financial instruments.


The overall goal of this educational and entertaining manual is rather vague, since it is impossible to predict the desires, dreams and goals of each person who sits down to play it. However, in general terms, it sounds like this: the number of economically active and financially literate people is constantly increasing with the help of the «Finance & Investment» business simulator.

Tasks of this business simulator:

  • Give a group of up to 10 people the opportunity to live a virtual life within five game hours on the territory of a newly formed state — a former Imperial republic;
  • encourage participants to build their business empires or develop individual enterprises, build careers in one of the ways provided and earn capital;
  • to train participants in various ways of investing and give them the opportunity to try them out;
  • to form in each participant an understanding of the degree of investment risk that he can take to achieve his own goals;
  • motivate participants;
  • increase the financial literacy of players by giving them the opportunity to learn financial and economic terms and the simplest accounting systems.

Level I

Task number 1. At the «Employee» level:
You start the game by moving around the outer circle, having a family: a wife and one child. You have a job, according to your profession, which is the source of your Active Income. While you are hired, you receive money, but if you are fired, you will have to pay your expenses from other sources.

Your task at the first level is to create a financial airbag that will allow you to painlessly quit your job and move on to the «Entrepreneurship» level.

Example: If your total expenses are $3,620, then to reach the «Entrepreneurship» level, you should save at least $36,200 to avoid bankruptcy for 10 months and at least another $15,000 to start d small business organization.





However, you can also develop at this level: build a career in your chosen specialty and become a top manager.

Level II

Task number 2. At the «Entrepreneurship» level:
You have to raise starting capital in order to establish or buy small businesses to create sources of Passive Income. At any moment you may run out of money, and you will have to return to the first level and look for a job. Be careful!

At the second level, your task is to create a Passive Income at least 2 times higher than your expenses, which will allow you to move to the «Businessman» level. When you move to this level, you will receive a government subsidy, the amount of which is 10 times your Passive Income.

Example: if your total expenses are $3,620, then you need to have a passive income of $7,240 to reach the «Businessman» level. When you reach the third level, you will receive a subsidy of $72,400.



However, you can start your own business empire at this level: buy small companies, create start-ups, develop firms.

Level III

Task number 3. At the «Businessman» level:
You have to create a group of companies that will allow you to significantly increase your cash flow to achieve victory. Keep in mind that if your current Passive Income decreases and does not exceed twice your expenses, you will immediately have to return to the second level. Be careful!

At the third level, your task is to WIN! To do this, you will need to fulfill TWO conditions:
1) Be the first player to increase your Passive Income by 10 times.
2) The first of the players to have $1,000,000 in your personal account.

Example: if your total expenses are $3,620, then to win the game you need to have a passive income of $36,200, and you have $1,000,000 in your account.



However, that’s not all! Do you want to feel like a real Oligarch?
Go to the fourth level of the game and fight for dominance in your region.

Level IV

Task number 3. At the «Investor» level:
You have to invest in politics and culture, create large corporations and turn multi-million dollar deals. At the fourth level, your task is to become the absolute winner by being the first to fulfill one of the following conditions:
1) You will be recognized as the «Finance King» of the country if you are the first to collect $100,000,000 on your personal account.
2) You can win a «Political Victory», being the first to collect 10 Politician tokens and become the President of the country.
3) You can win a «Culture Victory», being the first to collect 10 Culture tokens and receive the Nobel Prize.
4) You can perform a «Military Coup», being the first to collect 10 Force tokens and become the Dictator of the country.
5) You can win a Victory by becoming an «Influencer», being the first to collect 5 tokens of Force, Culture and Politics and $10,000,000 in your account.
6) Save at least $25,000,000 and fulfill Your Dream.
7) Get ahead of other players in Key Victory Metrics.

Reviews about the "Finance and Investment" business simulator

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The day before, he took part in an online game with the author ... as a player. It is important to periodically be on the other side in order to assess your personal financial situation and see the prospects for its development. Moreover, the theme of the game was "Lucky chance" - a situation where "you won a lot of money, and it seems that now I can do a lot." Excellent selection of participants - 3 men and 3 women (again about balance), 5-hour marathon, ups and downs of the market, joint profitable business and force majeure, successful network marketing and gifts from participants in connection with the birth of children ... Game -mirror, game-experience, game-resource... Once again, he confirmed for himself that no easy money is a saving straw - everything depends only on knowledge, the ability to invest correctly and select partners for yourself. Once again, I admire how much you learn about yourself during such group games, how many perspectives open up when you walk with the group through unfamiliar territory, feeling supported at the right time. Once again, I thank the wonderful group and, of course, the author - Konstantin Vladimirov-Zhuravsky, and look forward to learning for the leading masters! I recommend this financial simulator to everyone! Expands consciousness and opens eyes to so many things inside everyone!
It is very fun, interesting and exciting! From 12 to 18:30 and little, little, little! If I had time, I would play more! Thanks a lot to Kostya, who thought up this new kind of good old Monopoly! And I won by the way?? And today, of course, we were very lucky with the composition of the participants! Guys are great! In general, I am delighted, on the rise and full of energy! And I also really liked the place, intimate, cozy and tasty! When I ran out of there, late for a meeting, the waiters did not let me pass and surrounded me with questions, it turns out they were eavesdropping behind the door all the time, what is happening there?
Yesterday there was a presentation of a business simulator. I could not even imagine how much the game would be exciting and addictive!!! As soon as large savings appear, you start to think completely differently, excitement wakes up in you and it is already difficult for you to stop?? Thank you very much Konstantin for his brainchild. The game fully justified itself, and I still managed to earn my first million
There is an opinion: “How we play is how we live”. The game seems to me to be a kind of game module, in which, in a fairly short period of time, one can reveal the attitude of a particular person to money, and what the results of this attitude lead to. The game is able to show logical errors in the player's actions regarding money. Moreover, these mistakes can be both incorrect conclusions of the person himself, and stereotypes imposed by friends, relatives or society. The game is able to clearly show what are real facts and what are empty conjectures. Moreover, thanks to the game, you can help yourself develop the most effective strategy for resolving financial troubles in order to achieve your goal. This is not to say that the game itself solves your financial problems. Not at all. It solves the problems of your relationship with money. Helps to gain greater confidence in making financial decisions.


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