Flixa Farmer

An economic educational card game for children over 8 years old in the form of a deck of playing cards with economic situations impresses with its adaptation to our reality.

There are few people who do not understand anything about planting seeds or picking berries and vegetables.

Therefore, any player will immediately find in the Farmer what he would like to earn.

The rules are quite simple: each player has his own initial supply of vegetable seeds and coins with which he can operate, as well as a playing field on which the crop grows.


To play, you just need to be able to read, write and count to 10.


30 to 90 minutes


The basic rules take only one page!


Allows you to show the basic principles of market trading in a fun and exciting way

Game mechanics

Cards with tasks are arranged according to certain rules, forming a common playing field, different with each new distribution. Players take turns opening cards and completing tasks. In their turn, they acquire the tools and fertilizers necessary for farming, and harvest. Each player keeps his own account of finances, practicing oral and written counting. The winner is the player who has grown, harvested and sold the most generous harvest in 5 game years (distribution of cards).

The game is designed with visual and simplified mathematics, understandable even for a child. The limit of asset price fluctuations in the game is finite: from one to ten coins.

There are only 6 assets in the game: potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, apples and strawberries. At the beginning of the game, you need to plant seeds on the field, protect the seedlings from pests and fertilize them in order to get a decent harvest at the end of the game year.

During the game, there are times when an open card offers a useful option to improve their economy, but the player does not have the opportunity to purchase it. Here you can use your skills to negotiate and establish contacts with other participants in the game. Under certain conditions, players negotiate and make deals that are beneficial for both parties.

What's inside the game box?

Game history

Development of the game began in the summer of 2012 after the release of the classic version of Flixa. The classic Flixa by this time had already achieved success in summer educational programs for teenagers and students. And "Flixa: Farmer" became its simplified version, which would be suitable for use in game-based learning programs for children of the younger age group - from 6-8 years old. Despite this, adults also enjoy playing Farmer.

The game is based on the idea of ​​teaching the youngest children about entrepreneurship and the basic principles of economics. After all, trade is an integral part of modern life, and without it it is difficult to achieve an effective result. Many issues are resolved much easier if people know how to cooperate and make deals. In this game, the conditions are formed in such a way as to increase the skills of the players in concluding joint transactions and cooperative work.

Watching how children master the game, the main target audience for which the game is intended, you notice that young players easily delve into the essence of the game. Gradually, they get used to the fact that they need to be able to calculate the points scored in time, negotiate a deal with colleagues on the playing field, and even rely on their intuition. After all, some additions to improve the economy and increase the number of coins can be opened only once. Therefore, players should weigh the pros and cons in order to make a turn. The most enterprising at the end of the game year can collect a double crop and still save a lot of coins. But for this you need to try not to miss the opportunity received during the game.

Reviews about "Flixa: Farmer" from everyone who played, extremely positive. Creative, fun, cool, great, cool — and this is not a complete list of adjectives used by flixomaniacs to describe the game. Behind the scenes of the gameplay, great time spent, pleasant meetings and acquaintances, a friendly atmosphere and the acquisition of useful life skills. After all, it is not for nothing that the slogan of the Igrika project reads: “More than fun!”.

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Valeria Moiseichik

I really liked your game. Very interesting. I also played the old American monopoly with dice. I liked your game better. I don't mind playing it again. It would be great if you could send me such a game. Thanks for the good time!


Expectations from this game are fully justified. We had great fun and relaxed. An interesting experience, great excitement and a huge pile of positive emotions! Thank you very much!!

Agatich Nesvizh, Belarus
Thanks a lot for the game! It was fun, exciting and entertaining! Time has flown by. 😀 We will be glad if you come to us in Nesvizh with new games! good luck 🙂
Natalia Dubinina
I played Flixa Farmer with Ekaterina Grishuk, and I liked it 🙂 Now I recommend this game to all my friends who have children. Excellent in a playful way introduces economics and mathematics! And most importantly - think! It's fun for adults too 🙂
Irina Lutsik
An actual game for our latitudes, you create primary capital in the form of fields, vegetables and fruits, learn how to plant profitably, harvest profitably, sell profitably, invest coins in tools to save your harvest. I recommend! fun and at the same time very clearly shows how income scales, who cares about pumping negotiation skills - the game gives an excellent workout, spend time with benefit!
Played Flixa Farmer two days ago! I came across this game by accident, but I was very pleasantly surprised. With the seeming ease of the game, many skills are included in the process - intuition, negotiation, the use of a financial plan, the ability to trade) What is interesting - it will go as a great pastime for any team, as well as for a meaningful family vacation! It is useful for children to know that before you take something, you need to plant or give))
Ekaterina Grishuk
Very good game! Twice I played myself and twice held it for others (for adults and for teenagers)! The game is about obtaining primary wealth (wealth from the earth)! At the start you have 10 coins! How much will it be in three in-game years? Do you understand how you got more of them? What risks and opportunities did you face in the game as a Farmer?! The game teaches you to assess risks and seize opportunities! Learn how to interact with people! I was happy with the game: fun, useful! For children, the game is very useful, as it develops mental counting skills + entrepreneurial skills! Adults also get great pleasure from the game: they become liberated, learn to negotiate and ... get rich))
Alexander Veliki Minsk, Belarus

Played at home with children (5 and 12 years old). The first impression is very good: after the introductory game and explanation of the rules, the children themselves played for about 2 hours. I, as a father, like that the children play together. Now it is rarely possible to keep their attention from gadgets, computers and the Internet. It is also interesting to see how the youngest tries to write numbers and count himself. What happens - I'll write later. So far, if he does not win, he quickly loses interest)) At home we play like a family - without rednecks, with my authority I support "an acceptable level of trade margins." But the game is also interesting in that it has an additional non-algorithmized social aspect, when you can bargain, you can just not let someone acquire opportunities to increase productivity simply out of fear that he will overtake you or just "bad". In this regard, I came up with the idea to come up with a game that would link personal development and the general in their correct combination. Those. if you detain your comrades, then you yourself look rich in relation to them, but the general system is weak - there are few resources, it is impossible to withstand a natural disaster. Thank you, Gamer!

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